Recently The Office has become my new obsession. I thought that for my first blogging experience I would do something that everyone hates. Talk about a show that you might not have seen and probably don’t care about in the slightest.

One of my favorite things about the show is how realistic the characters are and how accurately I think it centralizes on the innocence, often mistaken for stupidity, of the human race. So basically, if you haven’t seen it, it is about exactly what you would expect: a bunch of people working in an office under a seemingly incompetent boss. I know that it makes me seem like all I do is watch tv all day, which isn’t completely untrue, but I swear I’m not an insane person (for watching so much tv at least).

Here’s a taste of some schrute farm beets for you non-office watchers.

If you haven’t seen the show now would be the time to toon out.

I will be constructing the rest of this post like a kindergarten term paper.

I LOVE The Office because…Dwight has an adolescent love of heirarchy, Michael is so obsessed with the idea of friends and family that he has none, Jim is incredibly cute and takes life lightly, Pam is the best friend you always wanted, Toby IS the Avenue Q song “It sucks to be me”, and Angela is the even more bitter, high-maintanance version of me.

So…ya. I am sure I will have more to say later, but I think that’s good for now. (Shameless plug) Watch new episodes of The Office starting again on January 21st at 9:00 on NBC!