So, this morning I woke up to go get blood drawn and ended up waiting half an hour in a room full of people waiting to get lab work done on their “specimens” (that’s what it says on the door). While waiting most everyone stayed pretty quiet and watched the news which was playing on the tiny tv in the upper corner of the room, there were a few exceptions. A woman and her husband came in at one point with a toddler who they encouraged to talk loudly and remark on everything he saw in the room. There was also a woman making observations about the politics being discussed on the news. Not many people were answering to her observations and questions, but when they did she would go off on something like how people in jails should be deported or it is a problem that they don’t always serve their full term. This leads me to ask: What is proper waiting room etiquette?

Are we meant to talk with the other people in the room and create conversation while we wait to be stuck with a needle ? Or should everyone just wait quietly and fester in their anxiety? I don’t really know the answer, but I’ve always been a quiet observer and I think that works pretty well for me.

In any case I’ve got a lot less blood in me now than I did when I was waiting in that room.