So on Monday we are celebrating the pagan holiday “Saturnalia” in my Latin class. We all dress up like Roman gods and godesses and eat food and such it’s a good time. Part of what we have to do is contribute to the festivities with food so this year myself and my friend Melissa have decided to make Atalanta’s golden apples out of rice crispies.

Who’s Atalanta you ask? Well, Atalanta is the daughter of a god who was one of the fastest runners known to mankind. She was told by a prophet that marraige would lead to her demise so she pleaded with her father not to force her to get married. They decided on the compromise that Atalanta would only marry someone if they could beat her in a race. So obviously a lot of guys raced her because she was hot and finally Hippomenes decided he would race her too but he didn’t want to lose because the losers of the race would die. He asked the godess Venus for help because he really loved Atalanta. She gave him three golden apples and told him to throw them to the side of the race track throughout the race and that Atalanta would get distracted by them and weighed down by them and lose the race.

This is exactly what happened and Hippomenes won. Soon after Atalanta and Hippomenes were married and Venus became angry because Hippomenes hadn’t thanked her for her help so she turned them into lions.

Yeah that’s the story from memory…how sad is that? I knew it from memory…wow…that is actually very pathetic.

In any case this leads to my discrepancies with sticky rice crispies and wax paper. First off I made the rice crispies in a very small bowl. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced that, but let me tell you…rice crispies need room to breathe otherwise they creep up the spoon while your stirring them and eventually encompass your hand. So, yes, I was attacked by a rice crispie monster.

To make matters worse, once I put the rice crispies onto the wax paper and tried to spread them out they just smushed down where they were instead of spreading out like they are supposed to.

Then came the part when I attempted to mold them into the shape of apples. That didn’t exactly happen because they were so incredibly sticky! Luckily clumps look kind of like apples when you stick pieces of candy canes in them like stems. I decided, in the end, to view this as an exercise in patience and in doing so I ended up being pretty happy with how they came out.

But, honestly, who would have thought that such a delicious snack could be so menacing?