Today I got a snuggie from my Nonna and Nonno in the mail. I was so excited to put it on, not to mention to use my new reading light which came free with it! So I’ve been sitting on the couch here in my snuggie for about three hours feeling ill and being wrapped up by the warm “cult-robe-like-arms” of my new tan snuggie. I feel warm and comfortable and safe. Therefore I had decided that my snuggie is my new boyfriend. I mean, what’s lacking from this relationship? I understand that it is somewhat unhealthy just because of the whole “inanimate object” thing…but otherwise I don’t really see a problem with it. What can a “real” boyfriend do that a snuggie can’t? The box even says “Keeps you warm and hands free.” So it looks like this is the kind of relationship where I can breathe and feel free to do other things if I want for example: eat some pasta or change the channel. Good stuff. I know.