So as of right now my life consists of blowing my nose, being all around achy, and resting on the couch while watching tv. One of my new favorite tv pastimes is spotting “microphone dips” in tv shows and movies. They probably arn’t actually called microphone dips but that’s what I call them. Anyways its when the big microphone they hold over the actors heads dips into the screen for a split second and they obviously missed it and forgot to edit it out. I’ve used this silly man holding one of them as an explanation. 

As of today I’ve  noticed one in “John Tucker Must Die” when they’re in the locker room and in an episode of “The Office” although that one was yesterday so I don’t remember which episode it was.

I can’t tell you how excited I am when I spot a “microphone dip” which is really sad but it gives me reason to not die of sickness inflicted boredom.

Has anyone else spotted any of these in other shows/movies/commercials?