I have decided to share my new intolerance with all of you. I have recently concluded that I am gluten-intolerant. What is gulten-intolerance? You ask. Well it’s basically an intolerance to things with gluten in them like wheat, barley, malt etc. It’s different than celiac disease because celiac disease is when gluten eats away at the vili on the side of your intestines and then you don’t absord nutrients. You know when you have celiac disease because they put a tiny camera inside of you and see your vili stubs. Gluten-intolerance is when NOTHING is wrong with your internal digestive stuff but for some reason (that no one is sure of) it hurts when you eat gluten.

I recentlly got a blood test that proves I don’t have celiac disease which means that the pain I feel is probably from a gluten-intolerance. Unfortunately there is no way for me to know for sure but I’ve concluded I have a gluten-intolerance.

It’s totally cool though cause there’s gluten free pasta so I’ll be fine. Also penut butter cookies don’t have gluten! In any case, this is my way of informing all of whoever is reading this blog right now. Ok, I’m off to eat some fish and gluten free pasta!