Class Rank. Probably the worst idea since making a remake of a British Show (Coupling) that was a remake of an American Show (Friends) to begin with. It’s really truly terrible how they use class rank to pit us against one another. How difficult were your classes compared to everyone else? How much homework did you turn in on time? How hard did you work? Oh wait! I forgot. Class rank isn’t based on how hard you work because as always the people who are just naturally brialliant will, forever and for always, be ahead of the people who work their butts off and stay awake nights finishing essays and reading “The Cather in the Rye.” It’s a completely unjust system and it seriously needs to be looked at. I mean what’s the benefit or relevance of trying to beat out your own friends and classmates.

I really have no idea why I’m complaining about this though. I mean I just moved up 6 spots! I suppose it just got on my mind because it was something I could easily blog about off on a tangent.