I went to see “It’s Complicated” last night with my mom. It got a lot of reviews that said it was for middle-aged people but it was actually really funny and applicable to a lot of different ages. So if you haven’t seen it and plan on doing so stop reading! Otherwise, these are my top reasons to love the movie.

1. John Krasinski. Absolutely hilarious. Watching Alec Baldwin blow pot smoke into his mouth was probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

2. The pot smoking sequence. The entire sequence when Meryl Streep and Steve Martin get really high and then go to their kids party and they’re smoking behind the bushes. “Who’s got the reefer?”

3. The family’s dynamic. The three kids that looked like Meryl and cried all at the same time and later in the movie got really upset and slept in the same bed. Really cute because they were acting like little kids when they were actually a lot older.

4. Meryl Streep’s house! O my goodness it was huge and the colors were beautiful and the style was incredible. It made me want to live in California.

5. The food. In the story Meryl plays a pastry chef. She’s got her own garden where she picks her own fruit to make food and throughout the movie they show her making chocolate croissants, chocolate cake, and chicken. Not to mention the ziti with pesto sauce and fresh tomatoes. People in the theater litterally made audible hunger noises when that came onto the screen.

6. Awkward moments. Perhaps a similar reason to why I love The Office. There were quite a few awkward moments. Like when Alec Baldwin lies on the bed naked and put the computer in front of his huge belly. The computer which, is currently being used by Meryl to video chat with Steve. Good stuff.

7. Alec Baldwin fat. “Why do you keep calling me big guy? Is it because I”m fat?” How much weight did he gain for this movie? He looked very chunky, it was perfect.

In any case, it was a really good movie and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to laugh but doesn’t want to see another stupid and monotonous romatic-comedy.