So I never thought I would be one of “those seniors” you know, the ones who check out of school mentally months before they graduate. Well, I haven’t checked out mentally yet (nor do I see that happening in the forseeable future), but I am so very done with high school it’s ridiculous.

I mean, I’m already in my favorite college and now that I’ve spent a night there and taken some classes I really wish I was there and not sitting through DISCRETE MATH (the worst class on the planet). I guess I should be happy that I’m still stressed out and getting work done, but I’m not really. I’ve emotionally checked out of high school and I don’t feel like a high schooler or a college student. I’m stuck imbetween and it kinda stinks. O well, life goes on I suppose and as Steve Carrell says in “Little Miss Sunshine” if I missed out on these years of high school I’d be missing out on some of my prime suffering years and then life wouldn’t end up being as meaningful.