My Girl Scout Gold Award Project “4 Tolerance” is really getting under way now and if you’re interested I hope you come and I hope you help out if you can or want to.

Basically it’s like an Eagle Scout Project and I’ve identified intolerance as a problem in our community which will be addressed with my project. There are three basic parts (1) Two after school programs where kids learn about tolerance through arts and crafts and create an outline for the gardens. (2) Four small peace gardens that will be planted around town outside of some of the churches. (3) Speakers who have experianced intolerance are going to speak at some different churches around town during a tolerance week.

I could use help with the following things: donations of perranial flowers for the gardens, help preparing the gardens on March 27th in the morning, help planting the flowers at a later point in April, and attendance at the talks!

The talks are going to be at 7:00 at night on the week of April 12th which is the week before April vacation and I’ll tell you about the different speakers once everything gets confirmed.  So please mark those nights off on your calanders if you want to come.

ALSO if you go to RMHS I’m having a meeting after school in room 406 this Thursday. I’ll give out an information sheet and just let you know about some opportunities to volunteer. It will be a super quick meeting so if you’d like to help just stop by to at least get the info sheet.

Thanks for reading this if you made it all the way through! You can email me at if you want to help with anything so I can keep you updated.