Yes! Believe it or not I was somehow able to relax for a solid hour in the insane month of March. Today I came home absolutely exhausted in every way a person can be. I decided that I would take a shower and go sit on the poarch reading. But not just reading “Baron in the Trees” for school, reading purely for my own amusement and enjoyment.

At 3:00 this afternoon I went onto my poarch with my hair wet from a shower, laid a blanket out on the wicker chair and sat down with a glass of cool juice and “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” I could hear birds chirping and the wind dried my hair. It was the nicest and most needed hour of relaxation ever. I can not describe how perfect it was. I was able to become completely absorbed in my book and my skin feels like I’ve been outside. I don’t exactly know how to describe it. But you know how when you’ve been outside your skin feels almost like it’s tighter and you become more aware of it? Maybe it’s just me, but I love that feeling.  In any case I felt the need to share the details of my glorius hour with you!