So I haven’t written anything in a while and I probably should, but seeing as I’m wicked busy I’m just going to write out all the things I’m going to do tonight. Thrilling, huh?

1. I need to study for my AP Euro Test on World War One. I’ll probably overprepare and still do badly.

2. Study for my Latin Translation Quiz on Trimalchio. Trimalchio is insane and that means you practically have to memorize the translation because you can’t infer ANYTHING.

3. Email about a thousand people about every aspect of my Gold Award Project.

4. Memorize things for two talent show acts. (Actually fun, just time consuming).

5. Memorize what we’ve gone over for Into the Woods so far. (Not so bad for me, but still something to add to the list).

6. I should probably also clean my room so I don’t drown in my clothes, but I have a feeling I might pass out before then.

7. Also eat. I almost forgot that one…

I was so chipper this morning since I was overtired from last night…but as Abby predicted I’m starting to feel overwhelmed and sleepy now that I’m home doing homework.

So…I hope I haven’t put you to sleep, but if I have enjoy the rest.