My Girl Scout Gold Award Project “4 Tolerance” has three talks coming up. If you’d like to come please mark them on your calenders. The first one is this coming Wednesday and the last two are the following week. If you’d like to bring any baked goods, snacks or soda along with you that would be great!

On Wednesday April 7th Ms. Lisa Gibbs will be speaking at St. Athanasius Church at 7:00 PM about intolerance faced by those with disabilities, especially down syndrome, and how critical tolerance is. Ms. Gibbs is an advocate for tolerance on a daily basis and through her work at Samantha’s Harvest, an organization that she founded to raise awareness about Down Syndrome. Through her institution of many different events she helps to raise money for organizations like The Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress and The Department of Cardiology at Children’s Hospital. You can visit her website at

On Monday April 12th Rev. Jean Russo-Parks and her husband Paul Parks Jr. will be speaking at Old South United Methodist Church at 7:00 PM about the difficulties faced by multi-cultural couples and the importance of understanding. Reverend Russo-Parks and Mr. Paul Parks Jr. were a part of the Reading Community for many years, and they are very active in their new community where they take part in church-related as well as outside community service activities. Both Reverend Russo-Parks and Mr. Parks Jr. have dealt with intolerance because of their marriage and are always promoting understanding in their community.

On Wednesday April 14th Ms. Michele Canero-Conklin will be speaking at the Unitarian Universalist Church at 7:00 PM about the struggles and intolerances that face the gay community, and how important understanding is. Ms. Canero-Conklin has been incredibly supportive of the Reading Drama Club’s recent exercises in tolerance and has visited the RMHS Gay Straight Alliance to talk about her experiences and the kinds of prejudice that she has faced. She is a very strong woman and values the importance of understanding in community.