Hey so my weekend has been kind of nuts but lots of fun. I did the talent show on Friday night which went pretty well. I think that everyone did a really great job, there was not a bad act in the whole show! These are the videos of the acts I was in:

Then on Saturday I went to setbuild for “Into the Woods.” The set is absolutely amazing. If you are curious who did the beautiful spiraling of the paint on Jack’s house…that would be Meredith and myself. Then I went to see my sister Natalie’s dance show. INCREDIBLE! Then…I went to the playwriting festival. There is such an amazing amount of talent in our school and I felt like every single play had good things going for it. Everyone was very clever and insightful with their scripts and it was a ton of fun to be in some of them.

So it was a thrilling weekend full of RMHS events (plus my sister’s dance show, which I felt the need to comment on).

I hope your weekend was full of fun events too! =)