Today we got to Canada! It was very exciting although I have to say…I thought Canadians were notoriously friendly and we got cut off by quite a few of them trying to get past a car that broke down on the highway. Also when we were physically driving into Canada on the ONE ROAD that you could plausibly go on there were tons of signs that said “To Canada.” It seemed pretty obvious, but I suppose better safe than sorry right?

I have not seen any moose yet. People’s accents are amazing and the people who aren’t driving all seem very friendly. I also had steak which I ussually don’t like but it was actually really good (and one of the only things that was gluten free on the menu). Our hotel is right across the street from Niagra Falls! Pretty cool, eh? It’s VERY cold and windy but totally worth it.

I’ll keep you updated on future moose sightings.