1st of all: yes that is a clever play on words folks. 2nd of all: I just saw Kick Ass with my family and was really surprised by it. I think it really made a point out of playing off of comic books, other superhero movies and the idea of corrupting youth with violence.

There were of course the standard rock-music-violent-heroic-montages in the movie and the all too common girl-doesn’t-know-he’s-a-super-hero suddenly girl-is-pissed and finally girl-is-in-love progression, but they played off those cliches and even made references to the standard vigilante character.

What I enjoyed most though was that they took the standard comic book plot which is full of cartoon violence and recreated it without a filter with real actors in the place of cartoons. So many superhero movies romanticize the idea of a heroic individual brutally murdering all the “bad guys” and restoring justice. I am in no way saying that this movie wasn’t heavily romanticized as well but I do think they made an effort to slap you across the face and ask if you realized what you were watching and exposing younger generations too.

There was a thread throughout the movie about corrupting kids since the vigilante “Bid Daddy” has a daughter and the bad guy has a son. The girl is blinded to the violence until it effects her father and although your heart starts racing when she has her crazy insane montages where she kills like 3894 grown men with a variety of weapons, it makes you feel a little uncomfortable. When she finally comes face to face with the bad guy, who is a middle aged Italian man (of course), you deffinitely feel like it’s not right for him to be beating up a 10 year old girl. It raises a lot of questions about what’s really good that the traditional superhero movies don’t.

Also of note…”Bid Daddy” has a distinctly batman-like costume. Veeery interesting that they are going further with the batman idea. Both he and batman are fighting because they lost a loved one, but we always side with batman when he nearly kills people. In the real world you couldn’t nearly kill as many people as batman bypasses and stay alive and when “Big Daddy” does kill people and takes pleasure in the justice you don’t quite feel the same about it.

Of course when it comes down to it, it’s really another superhero movie and at the base of it it’s enjoyable for that reason alone. I really liked it for the uncomfortable moments though and it deffinitely made me think about what kind of glorified things we expose kids too. I don’t know if it’s necessarily a bad thing, and I’m certainly not a fan of being insanely PC about everything but it’s something to think about.