So today is graduation and the last time that we will be together as a entire class. We’ve been together for four years and as much as we probably wouldn’t like to admit it we’ve really needed and been affected by all of the people around us.

During the slideshow there was a part where every persons face in the entire class was shown in rapid succession. Not only was it just a bug-out in general but it made me realize that there are people in my own class that I never had the opportunity to get to know beyond their name. I know that not everyone that I haven’t met is a “good person” but I genuinely think that every person in our class has something amazing to offer the world and I can’t wait to see all the great things we have ahead of us. I truly and actively wish the best for everyone and I hope that everyone gets to experience college and the future to the greatest extent possible.

Good luck Class of 2010, I hope all your dreams come to fruition.