As we’ve all heard by now, Steve Carrell is leaving The Office after next season. Of course his character, at a glance, seems central to the series and it appears to be a huge loss for the show. It’s not debatable that Steve Carrell is a comic genius and he added a layer to the show that no other actor could have done.

The thing is….when it comes down to it I honestly think that The Office will be fine without him. The characters and relationships are so well developed at this point that losing one character will not devastate the show. The question that follows, of course, is who will replace Michael as the boss. One of the clear choices would be Dwight which would no doubt lead to many hilarious incidents, however I think that the best thing they could do would be to bring back Holly as the boss. It’s already been stated that Holly will be back next season which makes her promotion to boss a viable option for the show. If Holly comes back as the manager then the writers could still use similar comic elements that were used with Michael since they have similar personalities. She would also be an interesting character since the workers of The Office already have a relationship with her from before. She would be a combination of Michael and Toby in girl form as the boss. She’s very funny and has pure intentions that aren’t always appreciated by everyone. Jim could also be promoted to manager logically but I think that he and Pam have a better dynamic when they are working under someone together who they can poke fun at.

In any case I think that the show will survive without Michael and it will be very interesting to see how they manage to get him to leave Dunder Mifflin.