There is so much that I could say about this movie because it litterally blew my mind, but I’m going to keep this brief. First of all, you absolutely need to see this movie, it is without a doubt the best movie of the summer. Second of all, it’s one of those movies that you need to be actively watching and paying attention to so keep that in mind when you buy your ticket.

PLOT: Absolutely insane. Christopher Nolan did a brilliant job of taking scientific dream concepts that are widely accepting them and adding his own demension of fantasy to them to create the plot of the movie. The only added science of dreams that I noticed in the film is the availability of technology that allows people to share dreams, although there is a practice of lucid dreaming in groups but I’m not sure how legitimate that is. The concept of the totum was awesome, and it really tied in the whole storyline with his wife Mal. I loved how he planted the spinning top in her subconscious to get her to kill herself in limbo and return to real life. It was absolutely shocking when you finally realize that she continued to feel that she was living in a dream even in reality and sad to see how difficult it was for Dom to deal with it. There are so many more elements of the plot that were great but that was one of my favorite little twists.

DESIGN: I really liked the way that Dom’s dream world was layed out with an elevator holding layers of his memories and the final basement level represented by his guilt at unknowingly causing his wife to kill herself. The way that the film itself was designed like a dream was great too. Most scenes started in the middle of something, just like a dream, and we didn’t know how the characters got there.

SPECIAL EFFECTS: In general the effects were awesome, but I was actually most impressed by the lack of special effects in the hallway scene. That was incredible that they built a whole rotating hallway for the realism of that scene. Also impressive that the actor who played Arthur did all of his own stunts INCLUDING the hallway scene stunts.

ENDING: Horribly upsetting, I was so upset to find out that he was still dreaming in the end and he doesn’t chose real pain to have real happiness with it, but instead he takes the easy way out and chooses fake happiness. While watching the movie I thought I would have picked fake happiness as well but I was hoping that the hero of the story would do better than me.

All in all the movie was awesome and if you liked it you should see Memento too!!