Today me and Natalie went to see “The Kids are All Right” and it was absolutely amazing. One of the most real movies I’ve seen recently. The acting was incredible and the writing was very good as well. I feel like this movie took advantage of the crazy summer before college and how insane things can get especially within families when a big change is about to happen.

AWKWARDNESS: I think that one of the most relatable parts of the movie was the family dynamic. I think that was something that everyone can relate to. Me and Natalie both agreed that the awkward family dinner conversations were absolutely perfect. At one point Nick tells her daughter to get her graduation speech and her daughter says she doesn’t want to and it goes back and forth for a while. That was something that was totally relatable for any kid with a proud parent.

EMOTIONS: I also think that they got the whole concept of being hurt by the people you care about most and hurting the people you care about most. The family in the movie is most certainly disfunctional, but it deffinitely makes the point that all families are. There were some moments when the characters were trying to deal with devestated feelings that were horribly relatable. Like a shot of Jules bundeled up on the couch feeling outcast by the people she loves, or when Nick comes back to the dinner table and trys to hide how broken she feels and continue being around someone who she feels has lied and cheated her. In the end they got it perfectly right. As much as life sucks sometimes and we hurt each other, in the end love is the thing that really comes through in their family.

So obviously one of the most overused adjectives in this entry is “relatable” and for good reason. You should see this movie before it goes out of theaters it’s freaking awesome!