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Today we took a taxi to pick up the rental car and start our drive to Stratford Upon Avon while stopping along the way at Oxford University. The drive to Oxford was about 2 hours because of traffic and then we got out to walk around for about an hour and look at the campus sights. We got to see Haley’s room there (the guy who discovered Haley’s comet) and we picked up some salad before we went back on the road. About an hour later we were in Stratford Upon Avon.

This is where the car adventure begins. We pulled up alongside the front of the hotel (which is more like a guys house with rooms that he rents out) and my mom jumped out to start checking in and arranging things. Meanwhile, my dad is trying to drive around England on the wrong side of the road (for us Americans) with no one to navigate to a parking lot. We ended up accidentally driving down a pedestrian walkway where cars were not meant to be and in the end parked in a parking lot quite a distance from the hotel itself. As our dad went to talk to mum about coming back to the car to get luggage, me and my sister stayed in the car. Suddenly I saw a man across the way and leaned forward to see what he was doing. Then, out of NOWHERE our car alarm starts going off. Natalie and I both freak out and don’t know what to do…eventually it stops. I lean over again to see what the man is doing and the alarm sounds again! This time Natalie realizes that it’s a motion sensor and that we are setting it off by moving. She instructs me to sit perfectly still and the alarm stops sounding. Five minutes later I hear a noise. “Natalie, what’s that? I can’t turn my head to see…can you see that way?” She looks to her left without turning her head at all. “Um…yeah I think it’s just the guy getting some cigarettes. How long do you think it’ll be before dad gets back and we can move again?” “I have no idea.” Maybe five more minutes later our parents come back and we go to another lot to park. Quite an adventure.

Then we went to visit William Shakespeare’s birthplace as well as the church that he is buried in. The houses in Stratford Upon Avon are absolutely beautiful and a lot of them remain true to their original designs. We get to see an exhibit about “Shakespeare’s Women” as well as tour through the house which is set up as it probably was during the time Shakespeare lived there. The church was a short walk from the house and we could see where he had been buried alongside other members of his family. Then we continued on to dinner at Edward Moon’s where I had spinach risotto and creme brulee for dessert. It was delicious and soon after we went to the Royal Shakespeare Company to see Julius Cesar. It was absolutely amazing. Obviously the talent was incredible since the company is amazing but it was INCREDIBLY violent which I think is something Shakespeare would have enjoyed and intended. Let me tell you, Julius Cesar is a three hour play and I wasn’t bored once. After the play had ended we walked back to the room for the night. Tomorrow we visit Liverpool! Who knows if internet will be available there…Goodnight!