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This morning we woke early to go down to breakfast at the bed and breakfast we had been staying at. The owner, Mark, made us breakfast himself, and mother dearest spilled her yogurt all over the table in an effort to help him pick things up. Anyway, there was no harm done and we were soon on our way to Liverpool. The car ride was about 3 hours by the time we figured out where our apartment building (not hotel) was. We arrived just in time for our personal Beatles tour given by another Mark. We quickly visited our room…to notice that there was a hen party (bacholorette party) in the room right next to us! The sign says “Watch out for Wild Women” so we’ll see how the night goes…

Before we began our tour we noticed some interesting things about Liverpool and the Liverpudlians. First of all they all have very thick accent that sounds exactly like recordings of The Beatles speaking but even thicker. Secondly Liverpool itself is very dodgy and I don’t think I’d like to walk around by myself at night. As we sat on the side of the grocery shop observing these things our tour guide for the next four hours, Mark, pulled up. He introduced us to quite a few Liverpudlian phrases throughout the tour. Here are a few that I remember.

Dog and Bone=Phone


Bonnet=Hood (of a car)

Sag School=Playing hookey

As the tour went on he drove us around Liverpool showing us the sites of the four Beatles homes, both childhood homes and the ones that they lived in later in life. We also got to see the inspiration for many songs like the gate to Strawberry Fields (where they used to sneak in to play as children), or Penny Lane where we got to see where the shops mentioned in the song had been, Elanor Rigby’s gravestone outside of a church where a wedding was going on, and the inspiration for the song “A Day in the Life.” Paul’s house had been seconds away from the bus stop so that’s where that came from. The misconception that the smoking refers to drugs since it’s followed by a series of confusing events was explained to us since Paul would have been able to smoke a cigarette out of the top of bus and the rest is describing his daydreams out the window. After this touring we got to go to The Casbah where the Beatles were first formed as a band!

We saw the places where John had carved his name into the wall and wear each Beatle had painted part of the ceiling of the club. Now, when I say club it’s a very lose description since it’s actually in the basement of Pete Best’s house. It was very cool and we got to stand on the same stage where The Beatles first performed as a band and hear about all of it from Rory Best. We also got to see stars that had been painted on the ceiling by the Beatles and a silhouette of John that his wife had painted in the club. It was amazing to see all of these things in person knowing that The Beatles had been in the same places within the same century. After we’d left the Casbah we headed back to the apartment after which we went out to eat. Natalie and I got baked potatoes and a pear and strawberry cobbler which was delicious and headed back to the room early for the night. Natalie watched a British TV show for a bit and now we’ll just relax for the rest of the night until we pass out from exhaustion. Goodnight!