This morning we woke up in our hotle in Scotland to another huge Scottish breakfast and loaded the car for the 5 hour drive to York. While dad was using the phone in the lobby we got to meet the owners bulldog Bracken who makes a constant low growling noise to assert himself even though he is very small. He soon came out carrying an Ozzy Osborne bone that he bit on one end and the hotel owner lifted up on the other end. His teeth were so strong that he could just hang there. That was some solid entertainment.

We drove about four hours before reaching Fountains Abbey. On the road I finished “The Other Boleyn Girl” and started “The Lady Elizabeth” although I have to admit I did some sleeping somewhere in there too, but as I said  before, we eventually arrived at Fountains Abbey. We had a small lunch in the cafe and went to visit the Abbey using our souvenir book for direction and information. The Abbey itself was beautiful and quite large and it was situated around a river with a bunch of smaller stops along the way. We walked about a mile out of the side of the river to see Anne Boleyn’s Seat with a special view of the Abbey (yet another uphill hike) and the Temple of Fame which was a little further on the same hill. We walked back for another mile or so and drove for the last hour to York.

We are staying at the Churchill Hotel, as in Winston Churchill. There are cartoons and pictures of him everywhere and I’m starting to realize what a grumpy guy he was even though I’d always pictured him to be rather cheery. Anyway, that was a little tangent, we then went out to eat dinner at a restaurant with a gluten-free menu. I ate so much tonight. I had a tomato soup appetizer, pork with mashed potatoes and peas for a meal and I tried some rice pudding and raspberry creme brulee. It was all very good, but the glass of wine has made me sleepy and I’ll go to bed very soon. Tomorrow we’ll see Yorkminster and then drive four hours to Hethrow Airport and from there it’s a 7 hour flight home. England and Scotland have been lovely and I look forward to coming back eventually. Good god, I’m tired.