So I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World July 27th for a prescreening. The tickets were free and, to be totally honest, I don’t think I would have gone had I had to pay for tickets BUT after seeing the movie I was actually pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t an emotional rollercoaster or an overly cliche teen movie which was great, but I can’t say that it was life changing either. I think I’d give it 3 stars.

THE WRITING: I thought that the writing throughout the movie was very clever and stylistically it moved very quickly so it kept you paying attention. The humor comes at you fast which really helped develop the whole comicbook/videogame style. They did a very good job with the script, although there were some dumb jokes and misses with some parts of the movie, all in all the writing was good.

THE STYLE: I absolutely loved how the entire movie was like a comic book or a video game. Throughout the movie he’s collecting points and defeating her “evil exes.” The premise of the movie was interesting and I definitely think that the way that the whole plot line was expressed in that way made the movie what it was. It’s something that I hadn’t seen before to that extent and it’s always refreshing to see new things.

WHAT YOU GET FROM IT: I was kind of worried while watching the movie that the final moral would be something about love and how you have to fight battles to be with the person you care about. Now, I have to preface this by saying that the entire movie was very light and the moral wasn’t overwhelming at all, but as I can see it the final thought you are left with is that it’s hard to be in a relationship without respect for yourself. You can’t just do everything for the other person without having your own self-respect. It also seems to suggest that you need the people that you loved before to respectfully let you go before you can move on. You need to acknowledge that you’ve hurt that person and express that to them and then you can finally move on and be happy for them in their new relationship. I thought that was a VERY refreshing thought because usually movies are about self-sacrifice in relationships and as lovely as that is to think about it’s not realistic or healthy for anyone. I’m sure I’m reading way too much into this but that was the impression I got.

All in all it was a very enjoyable experience and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to see it. I think that if you have a free evening it’s worth while although you have to go into it being open minded because some parts are very odd.