1. My professor using the word synergy in a lecture. One of my absolute favorite words, although more so when coupled with karmic.

2. Learning random Chinese phrases from my awesome roommate. Jing tain she huan yie. Look it up.

3.  Developing better listening and observation skills from my Intro to Acting class. Who knew that you could actually remember people’s names and details about their lives when you consciously pay attention to them?

4. Walking everywhere. It feels amazing to be in the fresh air and moving around outdoors so much of the time. (There is not,  however, fresh air when people smoke right under our window and the entire room smells like tabacco…but that’s another story).

5. Being completely and utterly dependent on yourself and your own ability to accomplish things and maintain balance while doing so.

6. Learning a little bit more about the world and people around you every day. (Wicked freaking cheesy, I know, but it’s so true I couldn’t help it.)