Yesterday, for all intents and purposes, should have been the worst day of my life. When I looked back on my day from underneath my covers I realized that logically the individual events of my day should have spiralled me into depression and sadness, but I ended up being surprisingly content for such a miserable day.

What happened that was so bad? We’ll first thing in the morning when I went to buy coffee the woman dropped my ID card into HER coffee…that was lovely. Afterward I went to the dentist, walking twice the distance that we actually needed to. (Halfway there we realized that we were about four feet from the dorm and we could have gone a much faster way). When I got to the dentist he told me I might need to get a root canal on my front tooth which was also lovely. About an hour later I had intense stomache pains that lasted for two hours OUT OF NOWHERE. I deffinitely felt like I was being tested yesterday…but the thing is I never felt any anger or sadness toward these events or the effects that had on me. I don’t know why but I was quite content at the end of the day- it was a good feeling. =)