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This morning we woke up at 3:00 am to leave the house by 4:00. Our flight to Toronto took off at 6:30 and the following flight to Vancouver wouldn’t take off until 11:30 that afternoon. As we were waiting for the airport security to arrive…Natalie and I decided it was about time to start having fun. We came up with a little handshake waiting in line and when the security people did show up it went very smoothly.

Another notable highlight from the morning has to be showing up to check our bags before the workers even arrived. A line started to form and out of nowhere we hear the oh-too-recognizable-music for a losing situation “wa wa waaa.” Natalie and I turn to look and see that our dad holding out his phone laughing and our mom rolling her eyes. Also in view is random stranger who thinks this is the funniest thing he’s ever seen/heard/experienced in his life trying to keep his laughter in.

Both flights were quite smooth and we were able to stop at a bookstore in the Toronto airport for some good reads. ALSO a big surprise. Air Canada has those little tvs on the back of the seat in front of you–major plus. I was a big fan of that.

We then gather our luggage and take our first steps into Vancouver, the furthest west I’ve been ever (the second place prize goes to Chicago…). We get into a black stretch limo and soon arrive at our shmansy hotel on the water. After a brief exploration of our room which includes–remote operated curtains, spa lighting, and a television in the bathroom mirror (yeah.) we headed out to eat. Luckily the kind man at concierge found a restaurant with gluten-free pasta. My favorite.

Ate too much. Food triplets. The walk that followed was lovely along the harbor where we could see the mountains in the distance and watch float planes take off right from the water. I also learned a little Canadian history which is always very exciting.

Another first for me was exercising in the hotel…when we got back we went to the absolutely idyllic fitness center in the hotel with lemon water, freshly pressed towels, comfy headphones and fruit to eat. I ran for half an hour and did some yoga and I’m now prepared to stuff my face for a week.
Oh..and I guess I forgot to mention that I reheated my leftover gluten-free pasta with a hair dryer. That was fun.