Rachel: This morning we woke up in our hotel in Vancouver at 6am to see the Disney Wonder pull into port. We’ve never had a view like that! Then we went down to have breakfast in the hotel lobby

Natalie: and bonded with our waitress, whose a fellow gamer and a fan of comic-con.

Rachel: She accidentaly poured coffee into Natalie’s teacup at one point.

Natalie: Is that exciting enough to mention?

Rachel: I thought it was funny. We both had poached eggs over tomatoes and gluten-free toast for breakfast. One of the best breakfasts I’ve eaten so far.

Natalie: Mmmm it was good.

Rachel: Heading toward the cruise terminal we began to feel the Canadian/Alaskan cooler temperatures. Upon arrival in the terminal we were given a very late boarding number although we had registered online much earlier than most. After mom brought this to the attention of the terminal staff we were given a new number. A magical number. Boarding number 2.

Natalie: Magical.

Rachel: Ussually reserved for conseirge guests who spend their vacation in their whale sized suites. Stepping onto the ship we were announced and the crew onboard clapped as we…

Natalie: …embarked.

Rachel: Heading straight for the top deck we noticed High School Musical playing on the flat screen. After singing along for a bit we got lunch from Beach Blanket Buffet and enjoyed the view of Vancouver. Probably the most exciting thing about boarding the boat is smelling the familiar smells. It sounds weird but those are the things that make it feel like a second home. Shortly after lunch Natalie and I headed to the jogging deck to play some shuffleboard before the old people took over.

Natalie: I wish I had something funny to say here.

Rachel: By the end of the afternoon we had developed a new handshake.

Natalie: A second handshake. In addition to our first one which came up during the airport. Did you mention that before?

Rachel: Mhmm. Around 3:00 we met up with some of the people that mom met online before the cruise began. They were very nice and Natalie made some new friends.

Natalie: Pfff. Wha…You’re typing that…you’re typing that too!

Rachel: Following our get-together it was time for the lifeboat drill. This year we didn’t have to wear the oversized lifejackets and were able to just go straight to the station. Right when we arrived we spotted one of the performers.

Natalie: Bradley.

(Natalie has now left the room…)

Rachel: They stick out like soar thumbs. As he was explaining the procedure a man walked by and held his hand up to the bullhorn pushing it into Bradley’s mouth and causing the other staff on hand to choke back laughter. After coming back with a new bullhorn we were able to finish the procedure and then start up to the pool deck for the deck party.

The sail-away party was great and we danced along with the cruise staff and counted down our launch. It was really neat to set sail and Natalie and I watched from our verandah as we passed under the Lions Gate Bridge. To the right of our room we could see the boy next door also watching. Natalie and I both agree that he looks like Peeta from The Hunger Games (the book, not the new movie).

Every night there is a show in the Walt Disney Theatre (Broadway style and some of the best in the cruise industry). Tonight was the welcome show. As we waited for it to start Natalie tried to help the Spanish woman in front of us save 16 seats for her whole family. When the show finally started the family arrived and took up the entire center row.

The show was spectacular and there was a little sneak peak of one of the acts from later nights. Basically it’s a guy playing guitar (very very well) and changing the words to well known songs to pertain to the cruise. He was very funny and we’re looking forward to his show later in the week. Following the show we went to watch Mickey Mania (a gameshow that’s insania and played by guests on the cruise). Natalie helped the winning team with their victory by correctly identifying and distorted picture of Chicken Little.

Then came dinner–my personal favorite part of the cruise. We met our waiters who will be with us for every dinner throughout the cruise. Amp is the server in charge of drinks and she is from Thailand. Laura is from Manchester, England and has a wonderful accent. It’s going to be a fun week although they don’t think that we eat enough for dinner as of right now. We got to have gluten-free rolls with banana butter dip along with the other people which is always nice. That night we shared dinner with another family at an eight person table but they won’t be joining us tomorrow night or for the rest of the week–I guess we scared them off.

That night I went to the college club to meet some of the other imbetweeners. We joked that the “B” on my key to the world card stands for “between” since the adults have an A and the minors have an M. It was nice to meet some of the kids my own age but I didn’t stay too long because it was the first night for karaoke!

Natalie and I sang “Don’t go Breakin’ my Heart” by Elton John and Kiki Dee. It was a lot of fun and we even tried to dance a bit in the middle although this caused Natalie to drop her microphone. Next we walked the deck for about a mile and layed on the stage looking up at the….sky? When we got back to the room I took a shower to prepare for my first massage tomorrow morning!