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August 13 2011
Today we had breakfast and Beach Blanket super early and headed into Juneau for our helicoptor/glacier expedition. They took us on a bus to the launching area and we learned about some safety features before being sent up in helicoptors for the first time in our lives. It was all very exciting and the scenery was beautiful. The staff there were thrilled that the weather was so nice today with the sun out because they said they haven’t seen sun in 3 weeks. At the top of the glacier we got to drink the glacier water (cleanest water you’ll ever taste) and we learned some facts about Menenhall Glacier with is moving a foot and a half each day. It’s one of the largest glaciers in the country and it’s certainly something I’ve never experienced before. We flew back down via helicopter too. All I can say is wow. A lot of firsts in there. This is deffinitely the vacation of a lifetime.

We boarded the ship again to have lunch onboard where Natalie and I can get gluten-free pasta. Our waiter for lunch also brought us out a special dessert that wasn’t even on the menu. Gotta love Disney. We spent the next few hours browsing around downtown Juneau where I discovered they really hate Sarah Palin. We got to see a lot of cool souvenirs. Probably the coolest thing we got today was an Eskimo good luck charm that our mom bought us (it’s similar to a Budda in that you rub the belly for good luck but the figure is a little leaner). We later boarded the ship. Mom had bought an Alaskan ulu knife earlier in the town (a cooking knife) and as she came back through security she got stopped. We’ll have to pick that knife back up in Vancouver.

As we boarded the ship we ran into Laura going into town for lunch. It’s kind of like seeing your high school teacher in public when you see your server in normal clothes…very exciting. We said hello and headed back onboard to see Toy Story The Musical (another cruiseline exclusive show). It started slow but in the end it was very good. The girl playing Sid was especially good (they had girls playing both Sid and Andy and they did a great job). Next we played some Bingo–no winners in our family tonight. Better luck tomorrow.

Dinner was at Tritons and we got a chance to talk with Laura and Amp a bit more. Laura told us about school in England and the different ages that you start college at there. She said that her old job was happy to let her go work on the Disney Cruise because they know she’ll come back with all sorts of skills, and she’s hoping they’ll have expanded by that time. Amp told us that she was working on the Dream before the Wonder and she really misses it. That ship is a lot bigger than the Wonder and we’ll be going on it in a couple of months! For dessert we got chocolate souffle and creme brulee.

After all that dessert our futile attempts to run up 9 decks were unsuccessful and resulted in nasea. We did, however, make it. We got to dance and watch the show. The IT guys seemed a little nervous about Mickey’s entrance tonight. He slides on a line about 30 feet off the deck of the ship to the stage and is slowly lowered. Everything worked out fine in the end though. For the remainder of the night Natalie and I wandered around the ship taking pictures with the cool pirate backgrounds. After practicing our British accents for a bit we started back to the room. On the way we bumped into Clayton our cruise director. He asked us if we were twins and we got to talking about Boston since he would be coming to visit for a wedding in a few weeks. He also mentioned that he used to be a flight attendant which I think makes a lot of sense with what he’s doing now. Saying goodbye we headed back to the room to sleep.