Today is the day of travel. Lots of different ways of traveling. Today’s the  day we head to the big apple before our cruise to Nova Scotia. Hooray, vacation!

This morning we wake up at the god awful hour of 6AM, pack up the final toiletries, set the DVR, set the DVR again, and head out with our rolling bags. Instead of hopping into the car on the way to the airport with our heavy suitcases in the trunk, we begin the 1.5 mile walk to the train station with suitcases in tow.

Look how happy we all are!!

Drenched in sweat and on the verge of collapse (just kidding) we reach the train station. After convincing a stranger in Swiss Bake to a buy a raspberry berliner, even though I haven’t eaten one myself in two years, we board the train into Boston.

We pick four seats facing each other and pile our suitcases between us. In about 30 minutes we reach Boston. Outside of the train station I snap a photo of Bobby Or. I’m still in tourist mode from Hawaii…even in my own city. We get to South Station via taxi and after some chips, popcorn, fruit, penut m&ms and bottles of water we get onto the Acela.

The train is sleek and the seats are comfortable with four seats facing each other and a table in the center. Natalie and I take the seats that ride backward and it feels like we’re being sucked into a vortex at 200 miles/hr. We pass through Massachusetts, Connecticut and finally New York.

We wait in a very long cue for taxis and finally get into a taxi with a driver who doesn’t really seem to know where our hotel is. Luckily we make it there ok, drop off our things and we’re off again!

This time we travel by subway. The station is hot and smelly. I remember this now. It’s not so bad on the train and after a short time we get to 14th street where we get out and walk to The High Line. The High Line is a park above the streets of the city. It’s a little over half a mile long with the original railroad tracks on either side among the grass and flowers. As we walk the stretch we take time to spot statues and other pieces of art in our path. There’s an audio art piece that reads words at you unexpectedly. “Skunk.” “Armadillo.” “Terra-dactyl.” Okay, I’m making things up now, but it did say really weird things.

One of my favorite stretches was the area where there were architectural chairs to lay on. It really wasn’t very crowded, and I could imagine sitting there are reading someday, watching the sun set. On the opposite side of the path there is water running over the walkway to cool your feet. I had to do that.

The views of the city are also really spectacular along the path. We see a psychedelic re-imagining of the soldier kissing the nurse on VJ Day painted onto the side of a building, an artistic zoo on the next rooftop over, and a 2-D man in the window of an apartment building.

After our trip to the High Line we walk, what seems like 4 miles to Bryant Park. My mother assures me it was only 1, but I’ll be the judge of that. We relax and re-hydrate for a bit in Bryant Park and then walk 1 mile back to the hotel. Natalie passes out. I upload photos. Maybe we’ll go on another adventure tonight and maybe we’ll just hit the hay.

But either way, our feet and backs hurt. A 1.5 mile walk to the train station with our suitcases, a speed train from Boston to New York, a taxi to the hotel, subway to the High Line, and a lot more walking. It’s been a big day for the Vinciguerras.


Tips for The High Line tomorrow at The Penniless Traveler!