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Today was a lovely day. I’m going to start with the end here because it just happened, and it’s just THAT exciting. This evening we went to see “Harvey” starring the one, the only, Jim Parsons. Yes, it’s the play of the movie you all know and love about the invisible rabbit friend. The play came first though. Of course.

The show was brilliant. One of my favorite plays for sure, and written by a woman!! The actors were incredible and we sat in the front row, center. You heard me right. The best seats in the house. We were 2 feet away from the actors. We might have been spit on. We probably were spit on. Anyway, the play was great. I laughed for most of it and almost cried at the end. Jim Parsons played Elwood, Jessica Hecht played Veta Simmons (you know her as Susan on Friends), and Carol Kane played Mrs. Chumley.

At the end of the show we waited at the stage door. I have Jim Parson’s very distinct squiggle on my playbill. He passed by in a blur and was whisked away in a tinted car. The others hung around for a while and we got autographs and pictures.

Suddenly I look over by the stage door and see a man who looks a lot like Alan Rickman. “Is that Alan Rickman? That guy looks like Alan Rickman. Mom take pictures of that guy over there just in case it’s Alan Richman…” It was. He wasn’t signing autographs, but I can guarantee he was about to have a killer party somewhere. Where was Alan Rickman sitting, you ask? Front row center, you would think. But no, if you’ve been paying attention, we were sitting in Alan Rickman’s seats. What up?!

Ok, that’s enough Vinciguerra family bragging for one evening. Now I’ll tell you about the rest of the day.

This morning we got breakfast at a Greek breakfast joint and then went to Battery Park and Wall Street Ave to kill some time before our scheduled tickets for the 9/11 memorial. We took pictures, rubbed the bull’s nose, and hung around in a park while sweat dripped off us.

At 11:00 we went to wait in the line for the 9/11 memorial. I’m not gonna lie, the line was rough. Really long, sticky, hot, loud…but it moved fast and after walking about 5 miles around construction we were at the monument.

The memorial is very beautifully done. I won’t say too much because it’s coming up tomorrow on The Penniless Traveler, but here are some pictures to quench your thirst.

On the way to lunch I spotted a pretty park across the street, and after much kicking and screaming from Natalie I convinced everyone to stop on the way to lunch to see what it was. It turns out the park is called “Christopher Park” and it celebrates gay rights. It is right across the street from where the Stonewall Riots happened! History moment. Luckily Natalie is all about gay rights and did a project on the Stonewall Riots so I was able to redeem myself.

After the park we went to gluten-free heaven, otherwise known as Risotteria. If I were the Gluten-Free Traveler, and believe me, I am in my dreams, I would blog all about this restaurant in its own special post with pictures and flashing letters. There were gluten-free breadsticks, gluten-free beers, gluten-free pizzas, gluten-free risottos (obviously), gluten-free paninis, gluten-free desserts…I’m gonna quit while I’m ahead I’m making myself hungry.

After lunch we went to Queens. This is my fault. I’ll start by saying that. I really wanted to go to the Socrates Sculpture Park. It was not a good enough reason to get all the way to Queens. If you are already in Queens, however, I would highly recommend it. The views of Manhattan are wonderful! The sculptures are really interesting too. Keep in mind it’s modern art though, not Greek.

Luckily we had another target in Queens–The Moving Image Museum. I’m gonna leave you hanging here again, because that’s coming up on The Penniless Traveler too. Check it out on Sunday!

Dragging our feet and clutching our backs we managed to get back home via subway and more walking. Natalie and I split a gluten-free pie from earlier and got ready for the show, and well, you know the rest.