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                We enter the terminal for the first time as platinum cruisers. This means that we will be in boarding group 1 (the first ones on the ship). We’ve been in boarding group 2 before, but not without some kicking and screaming on our part. Several instances of mistakes being made and the ball being dropped have resulted in our early boarding, but this time promises to go smoothly. Everyone will still be smiling by the time we board.

In the terminal is the most magical site I’ve ever seen. Keep in mind I have been to Disney World and on the Cruise more times than I can count on my fingers and toes. And THIS was, hands down, the most magical thing we’ve ever seen. Three families, large families, wearing Mickey Mouse Ears with Statue of Liberty Hats. Babies, children, and adults. Moms AND dads. And no one was complaining. The dad’s were the best. I couldn’t resist a picture.


Then suddenly we hear screaming kids. Some of them were in octaves so high only dogs could have heard them. Mickey was here. I don’t think I’ve seen girls act like that since Ricky Martin came out of the stage door at Evita.

When Boarding Group 1 was called we boarded proudly, stepping into the lobby as our names were announced to the ship. We ate up on deck, enjoying the view of New York just off the stern of the ship.

After our meet and greet, lifeboat drill, and sail-away party we were on the move out of the harbor. We ran to the rails on deck ten and watched as the Statue of Liberty passed us by on the starboard side. You could see towering buildings that seemed to be mere feet off the port side of the ship. What a beautiful way to see the city.