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Another great Eleanor Roosevelt quote, and a little inspiration for my second project today, that has successfully helped me procrastinate packing a little longer.

I took some ideas I saw online for how to make dream-makers and adapted them to what I was looking to make, and look how it turned out!


Here are the steps you can take to make your own!

What you need:

  • some sort of hoop, I used a stitching hoop for a larger one and a bracelet to make a mini one
  • hemp
  • a trinket to put in the center of the dream catcher
  • ropes, ribbons, yarn, anything you want to hang on it!
  • hot glue

1. Wrap your hoop with hemp putting a dab of hot glue every so often to make sure it stays put.


2. When the hoop is completely covered with hemp start weaving the string around the edges however you’d like. I loosely glued the yarn at 6 even points around the circle and then went back around with the yarn through the center of those places to connect it to the trinket.



3. Tie your strings, pieces of fabric, yarn, etc. onto the bottom of your dream catcher!


Presto! You can also make a mini one, like I did, with a bracelet!