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Ohio: flat, full of corn, full of cows, full of colleges.

That’s what I thought. I mean, I’ve been going to school in this state going on 3 years now and not too much has happened besides the occasional tornado drill. But this year is different. It’s election season in a swing state. It does not get much better than this for a history fanatic and politics lover.

Within one week I got to hear the President speak from a VIP location, I got to see Mitt Romney walk into a restaurant a couple blocks from where I go to class everyday, and I got to see the First Lady speak in our field house on the same day she submitted her absentee ballot. It does not get better.

Here are a few lessons that I’ve learned from the week:

1. Get on the bus. When someone unexpectedly shouts with a megaphone, “We’re giving you all VIP tickets to hear the President speak tonight at OSU!” you do not question your obligations. Your priorities are in order if you get on that bus.

2. You may not remember that Wednesday Botany class that one week of Junior year, but I promise you will remember seeing a presidential candidate roll into town on his big-ass bus and walk into a restaurant you’ve actually been in.

3. If given the opportunity to hear Michelle Obama speak, you skip that Botany class again. I will never ever forget feeling: inspired and excited about all of the things Obama has done for America and all of the things he has in store. Although you may not support Obama, I promise this speech would have made you feel patriotic.

In conclusion, Ohio you are wonderful. I love living in such a bipartisan state and feeling election fever everywhere I go.