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Now that it’s summer, I’ve found my comfortable spot on the corner of the couch and planted myself here indefinitely with reruns of Friends and Pushing Daisies to keep me occupied for the times when I’m home over the next few months. Watching Greek today, I got to thinking…if I could be any combination of TV characters, what combination would I be?

I would have…

The leadership ability and drive of Leslie Knope (Parks and Rec.)
alikeknopeThe mothering and caring skills of Lynette Scavo (Desperate Housewives).

alikelynetteThe kindness and organization of Casey Cartwright (Greek)–we’ve already got the same car!


The eternal optimism of Chuck (Pushing Daisies).

alikaannafrieland the grace, poise, and intelligence of Michelle Obama (who I realize is neither fictional nor a TV character).