Who am I?

You want the spiel? My name is Rachel, I’m 20 now and a junior at Ohio Wesleyan University studying History, Dance and Theater. I love to travel and meet new people and try new things. I love to dance, read, sail, camp, hike, do yoga and write. I teach tap and ballet and work as a book review editor at ‘The Historian.’ I live in Boston with my family when I’m not out in Ohio and we like to travel together. I’ve been a Girl Scout my whole life, still am, but now that I’m gluten-free I can’t eat the cookies!

Phew, that was a mouthful.

This is my personal blog, I post here sporadically about random things. I have another blog, a travel blog. It’s full of interesting free or nearly free places to travel to. Plus it is much more organized and is updated daily, you can pop over one tab to read about that one.

I’m not a writer (I mean…sometimes I am in my dreams). I’m just another 20-something with a lot of opinions.


6 thoughts on “Who am I?”

  1. I’d just like you to know. that I read most of your blog. not all of it. but most of it. It took me a long time. but it was witty. and hilarious. and I love you 🙂 its Juliet btw.

  2. You need to update who you are! And what I only know of you, there isn’t much bitterness there. I am glad that you like kids and that you have a picture here on your page and therefore, that makes me biased!! LOVE IT! I enjoyed your blogs about England and I am enjoying reading about your family adventures in Canada/Alaska. You are very thoughtful and thorough in your writing and your insight is delightfully charming! Keep up the great diaries.

  3. Hey, you have a beautiful blog… Have you been to India yet?

    • Not yet! I will definitely be going there soon though, I hope to travel around that area the year after I graduate from college. I can tell it’s a beautiful place just from your photos!

  4. Thanks for following. Your posts are wonderful. All the best on your plans! Happy travelling! 😀

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